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The Savannah Arts Academy FBLA website is your go-to source on everything you need to know about our chapter, from meeting dates, to information on trips, and a guide for competitive events!

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Every month, Savannah Arts Academy FBLA holds an after-school meeting, usually taking place in the Performance Hall, Cafeteria, or Auditorium. At each meeting, the officers talk about upcoming events in FBLA to keep members informed. Our meetings include icebreakers and refreshments as well!

Remind 101

This year, we here at Savannah Arts Academy FBLA are trying something new. To inform members of upcoming meeting dates, we are going to use a text messaging system called "Remind 101," where we message and alert members a week or so before a meeting is scheduled to be held.

Join Remind 101 to stay in the loop for all meetings and events.


Fall Motivational Rally

The Fall Motivational Rally is the kickstarter for the FBLA year, getting members pumped up and ready to compete in region, state, and national competitions. After a brief opening session featuring a guest speaker, members are given upwards of three hours to enjoy the fair in Perry, GA!

Fall Leadership Conference*

At the Fall Leadership Conference, officers stay overnight in Athens, GA. There, they go to various workshops and sessions, meeting officers from other chapters along the way! *available only to officers and select members

Region Leadership Conference

This is the first conference for all members to attend. It is where members are awarded based on how they do on their competitive events testing. If members rank high enough, they go on to compete at the state level. This year, it's being held at our very own Savannah Arts Academy!

State Leadership Conference

If members ranked high enough at RLC (or decide to compete in another event), they are allowed to go to the State Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA. During a two-night stay trip, there are many workshops to attend, and sessions to go to, and sights to see! This marks the end of the FBLA year for many, with members who win at the State level gaining the opportunity to compete at the National level.

National Leadership Conference**

For members who win an event at the State level, this trip is the best of the best. Taking place in Nashville, TN, members compete at the National level as the best of the best, and have the time of their lives! **available only to members who advance from SLC

Student Leadership & Officer Training Summit*

For the officer team of every chapter, this trip teaches new officers the skills they need to succeed in their new positions, as well as giving them the opportunity to meet officers from other chapters! *available only to officers

Competitive Events

Every member in FBLA has an opportunity to compete in business related events against other members across the region, state and nation. Here is a list of all the competitive events, topics and eligibility.

Competitive Events Guide

To help members decide which competitive event would best suit them, our Competitive Events Coordinator, Jacob Iacino, has constructed a guide in the form of a flow chart, containing each competitive event and the skills required. Download a printable competitive events guide to see which event is right for you.

Community Service

Tybee Island Beach Sweep

Teamed up with the Georgia Conservancy, the city of Tybee, and many other organizations, members pick up trash on Tybee Island.

Junior Achievement

Each year, a select amount of members volunteer to teach elementary school students at the Garrison School of Performing Arts. These members are put into groups of two and are assigned a grade level, each with a different curriculum. The members teach four sessions filled with fun and exciting activiities in only two days!

Trick or Trot

Members partcipate handing out water to runners of the 5K and 10K marathons taking place on Wilmington Island. Volunteers and runners alike are all encouraged to wear Halloween costumes for the event.

Garrison Fall Festival

At the Garrison School of Performing Arts, members volunteer at the Fall Festival, by helping set up and running different stations, such of face painting, mini-golf, tic-tac-toe, and much more!

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Members volunteer to help run water stations for the marathon. Jobs include filling water and Gatorade cups, passing out the cups to runners, and setting up/breaking down the equipment.

Signature Chefs Event

The annual Signature Chef’s Event, held at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Savannah, is one of the biggest sponsorships to the March of Dimes. Members of FBLA work together to greet guests and to help prepare for the event. During the event, guests participate in a silent auction, and then participate in a live auction that consists of special packages for certain local restaurants.

Officer Team

At Savannah Arts Academy, our officer team is composed of the most hardworking and diligent students you can find.

Benjamin Tablada II

Vice President
Mia Luciano

Jacob Iaciano

Tomer Locker

Caitlin Adornato

Executive Director of Technology
Peter Garcia

Grace Jackson

Alexandria Pulaski

Chapter of the Year Coordinator
Gabriella Burns

Competitive Events Coordinator
Sam Cronin

Hall of Fame

Every year at the National Leadership Conference, Savannah Arts Academy FBLA has numerous members place at the national level for competitive events.

NLC 2014 – Nashville, TN

Dominique Kennerly - 1st - Database Design and Applications

Nick Adornato - 6th - Virtual Business Challenge

Gabriella Burns and Madeline Lee - 9th - Management Decision Making

Jackson Brantley - Finalist - Entrepreneurship

Peter Devyatkin - Finalist - Global Business

Marissa Levine - Finalist - Sports & Entertainment Management

Jacob Iacino - Finalist - Marketing

NLC 2013 – Anaheim, CA

Jordan Austin - 5th - Economics

Nick Adornato - 7th - Virtual Business Challenge (Team)

Ben Barnard - 7th - Virtual Business Challenge (Team)

Akash Patel - 7th - Virtual Business Challenge (Team)

Jessalyn Westphall - Finalist - Parliamentary Procedure

NLC 2012 - San Antonio, TX

Neal Kaviratna - 1st - Spreadsheet Applications

Annelise Wornat - 3rd - Business Communications

Jesse Soave - 3rd - Database Design and Applications

Lindsey Braden - 8th - Management Decision Making (Team)

Kate Devlin - 8th - Management Decision Making (Team)

Taylor Grant - 8th - Management Decision Making (Team)

NLC 2011 – Orlando, FL

Lindsey Braden - 3rd - Management Decision Making (GA Super Team)

Matthew Munsey - 4th - Future Business Leader

Neal Kaviratna - 5th - Database Design and Applications

SLC 2011 - Chapter of the Year

NLC 2010 – Nashville, TN

Samantha Worsham - 6th - Business Procedures

Mubashir Mohammed - 7th - Virtual Business Challenge

Melinda Dang - 8th - Database Design and Applications

Matthew Gnann - 9th - Computer Problem Solving

Annelise Wornat - 10th - Intro to Business Communications

NLC 2009 – Anaheim, CA

Kyle Hillis - 4th - Database Design and Applications

Zach Riddle - 4th - Network Design (GA Super Team)

Michael Peltier - 4th - Network Design (GA Super Team)

Ashley Pugh - 8th - Entrepreneurship (GA Super Team)

Matthew Gnann - 10th - Technology Concepts

NLC 2008 – Atlanta, GA

Matthew Gnann - 5th - Intro to Technology Concepts

NLC 2007 – Chicago, IL

Kenneth Allen - 5th - Java Programming

James Toles - 8th - Public Speaking II

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